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About Us

Trusted In The Industry

Impact Microbiology Services Ltd has more than 35 years of worldwide expertise in microbiology research and client services.
Accurate and timely results are the foundation of our success.

Why Clients Choose Our Laboratory


With many years of microbiology expertise serving clients, we know what it takes to provide industry-leading microbiology services.

Quality Assurance

We maintain a comprehensive quality system to ensure that you receive precise results on the integrity of your specimens and the highest level of assurance in the microbial safety of your products.


We know the importance of having test results in a timely manner and we are constantly searching for better ways to meet our customers’ deadlines.

Cost Effective

Due to our productive team, we offer competitive pricing with volume discounts and high value for our customers.


Expertise, knowledge, and experience are our strongest tools in securing the highest confidence and accuracy in our test results.